I.O.I Kim So Hye, Debut Screenplay Kim Hee-ae’s ‘To Yoon-hee’

[Reporter Han Hyun-jeong, Daily Economic Star]

Kim So-hye, from I.O.I (I-O I), makes her debut on the screen with ‘To Yoon-hee’.

The movie ‘To Yoon-hee’ is a romantic movie “Yun Hee” (Kim Hee-ae) who accidentally received a letter gets on her way to snow-covered field to search of the secret memory of her first love that.

The screen debut of I.O.I actress Kim So-hye has been heralded, attracting the attention of prospective audiences. Kim So Hye, who had been different since her debut, was noted as the growth character of ‘Growth Character’, which develops over and over again in Mnet’s leading idol-producing entertainment, ‘Produce 101.’

Since then, the group’s I.O.I activities and acting activities have been paralleled, and she has been recognized for her potential as an actor through various works such as the drama ‘Best Chicken’ and web drama ‘Unexpected Heroes’, starting with KBS drama special ‘Gang Duk-soon Love Change History’.

Finally, the screen debut is due to the movie “To You Hee”, which is scheduled to be released in November, and is expected by prospective audiences and fans.

Kim So-hye will show her new challenge by acting as Yoon-hee’s daughter ’Sae-bom’, who reads a letter from her mother to Yoon-hee and plans a secret trip. ‘Sae-bom’ in the play is a high school student who is about to graduate, and one day she reads a letter that arrived before her mother. She is also leading a trip to a strange place full of snow for her mother, ‘Yoon-hee’.

Kim So-hye is proud of her breath with Kim Hee-ae, who plays the role of ‘Yoon-hee’, and is expected to show her growth as an actress. Kim Hee-ae, who played outstanding mother, said, “I didn’t need to give an advice. The role of ‘Sae-bom’ is Kim So-hye’s best. ”The director Yim Dae-hyung, who directed the film, said,“ She has prepared so much that the script is tattered when we met. The staff, who have met Kim So-hye praised a lot and also fell in love with her sincereness and sincerity. ”

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