ITZY Yeji, Beautiful face like a desert fox, Endless attraction.

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Girl group ITZY Yeji showed off her beauty.

Through her official Instagram, Yeji posted a number of pictures on the 25th, saying “Thank you very much.”

Yeji in the photographs reveals various expressions and poses.

High ponytail hair, halterneck knit and ring earrings make her sexy. The beauty of the desert fox, the big eyes without double eyelids, and the fresh charm attract attention.

The netizens responded with a variety of reactions, such as “Wow, pretty”, “Desert fox, such a cute image”, “attractive face”, “Pretty”, “So attractive.”

In the meantime ITZY will hold a showcase tour in 11 cities in Asia and the US, starting from Jakarta, Indonesia on November 2nd, and then to New York, the USA on January 26th, next year.

Photo | Not official SNS

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