Seventeen Completes Signature Fan Event GV ‘Ode to Youth’

[Reporter Lee Da-kyum, MK Economics Star Today]

The group Seventeen gave their fans an unforgettable day with the signature event SEVENTEEN SPECIAL GV ‘Ode to Youth’.

Seventeen held a special GV, Seventeen’s own special event, in order commemorate its activities and repay fan’s love and support.

Seventeen held a special GV, Seventeen’s own special event, to celebrate their 3rd album ‘An Ode’ activity at Lown hall in Seoul and reward their love and support. In commemoration of the activity and in return for fan’s love and support, they held a special GV, Seventeen’s own special event, to communicate with our fans.

The fourth special GV ‘Ode to Youth’ means ‘Worship youth’. If you delivered Seventeen’s musical message through the 3rd album ‘An Ode’, this event is more meaningful because it is prepared to deliver ‘Ode’ to the youth fans of Seventeen.

During the photo time, which started with MC Hoshi and Doh Gyeom, members appeared in dandy suits and showed their charms with their unique poses. Through the music video commentary, which is the representative corner of Special GV, Seventeen watched the title song ‘Fear’ MV together, and released the episode at the time of the shooting.

In particular, Seventeen’s extraordinary fan love shined even more in the following. First, Seventeen reminisced their past memories by listening to various fan songs through the “Ode to CARAT” corner and conveyed their sincerity to the fans. At the ‘Carat Meeting,’ they immediately resolved fan’s questions and created a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Seventeen, who had a happy time with the fans, said, “I want to make good memories together so that the memories we make are long-lasting memories, so please stay with us and we will work hard to make Seventeen happy with you. “I was impressed with the feelings of a lot of special affection.”

In addition, Seventeen soon enjoyed the surprise birthday party of the member Jung-han, who is about to celebrate his birthday, and enjoyed the memories with the fans.

At the end of the fan event, Seventeen presented their 3rd title track ‘Poison: Fear’ and the song ‘Snap Shoot’, leading to an explosive response by showing off deadly sexy and lovely charms. A gift of red roses with the words ‘love’ was given to the fans, giving them a very special youth.

The focus is now on the move to them because Seventeen, who showed such love of all-time fans, reached the first place in the second half of 2019 with the initial sales volume of 700,000 with the 3rd album ‘An Ode’, and they are setting the record every day at home and abroad.

Seventeen will continue their active activities with their 3rd full-length title song, “Poison: Fear. ”

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