‘Su-dol’ Gunnably, pictorial photo like ‘flower smile’

[Reporter Yang So-young, MK Economic Star Today]

‘Superman is back’ Gunnably challenges taking a photo.

KBS2 ‘Superman is back’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Su-dol’) 297 episodes broadcast on the 29th visits the viewers with the subtitle ‘time to walk on the memory.’ Among them, Gunnably will visit the photo studio and take a picture together.

Na-eun and Kun-hu in the released photos are immersed in shooting.

The flower smiles of the children, which make the viewers wait for the broadcasting.. I’m curious about the finished picture of Kun-hu and Na-eun, wearing a tie on a shirt and a crown on a lovely dress.

On this day, the Gunnably siblings headed to the studio to take their first identification photo. Na-eun said that she jumped and jumped over and over to release to Kun-hu’s tension caused by his first shooting. Kun-hu has started taking pictures with a relaxed smile, as if he noticed such efforts.

The couple’s shots taken by Better-Park Joo-ho also focused everyone’s attention. Na-eun’s cute figure, who is tenderly holding hands and poses or dances on her father’s feet, is envious.

 The photograph of Park-Ho and Na-eun, was the best picture ever every time the shutter was snapped.

On the other hand, Energizer Baby Kun-hu had a good time walking around the photo studio while his sister Na-eun and Dad’s Park Joo-ho’s picture taken. In particular, it is said that the expression and actions of Kun-hu, who performed a situation play that he seemed to be an office worker, caused a smile. It is expected that the pictures of Gunnably’s brothers and sisters will be lovely, how good the images of Gun-hu will be when they have their first ID photos taken, and how much fun they will be.

Photographs such as the Gunnably sibling’s pictorial can be seen in 297 episodes of “ Superman is Back ” which aired at 6:25 pm on the 29th.

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