Jang Na-ra in wedding dress, Goddess of Whiteness “Day of Jeongseon’s Marriage”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon, MK Economic Star Today]

Singer and actress Jang Na-ra boasted pure white wedding dresses.

Jang Nara released a photo on Instagram on the 30th of the month with the words, “Day of Jeongseon’s marriage. The drama” VIP “is coming.”

The photo shows a portrait of Jang Na-ra wearing a white dress. Jang Na-ra is wearing a dress and smiling brightly. Embroidered see-through mermaid line dress goes well with Jang Na-ra’s neat beauty.

After Jang Na-ra’s photographs are released, netizens are responding with “good suits”, “so beautiful”  “attractive”.

Meanwhile, Jang Na-ra will appear on SBS’s new drama “VIP,” which will be broadcast on the 7th. ‘VIP’ contains the secret private office melodrama of the dedicated team people who manage the department store’s top 1% VIP customers.

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