TWICE set a new record for girl group’s first time sales… ‘Phil Special’ sold 154,000

[Daily Economic Star Today Seong Jung Eun reporter]

TWICE changed the K-pop girl group record.

TWICE announced the mini 8th album ‘Feel Special’ on the 23rd, and set a record for the highest sales volume of the girl group by achieving 154,000 sales on the Hanter chart on the 29th. The mini-album also ranked first in the Hanta Weekly Album Chart on the 30th, and proved their popularity.

TWICE has surpassed the highest number of first-time sales, by a girl group, by surpassing 151,000 first with the mini seventh album ‘FANCY YOU’ released on April 22.

TWICE then broke their record again with ‘Feel Special’ and proved the status of ‘K-Pop One-Top Girl Group’.

TWICE continues to gain popularity, setting new records on charts every time they releases a new album.

TWICE, which achieved over 613 million cumulative sales volume in Korea and Japan at the time of ‘FANCY YOU’, achieved more than 7.5 million cumulative sales through this album.

TWICE is rewriting the history of K-Pop Girl Group based on efforts to change and grow steadily.

TWICE’s new song ‘Feel Special’ features a trendy melody with a lyrical message. It is attracting attention with its gorgeous performance and nice group dance.

The mini eighth album, as well as the domestic music charts, won the top spot in the iTunes album chart in 26 regions including the United States, making it a 12 consecutive hit.

On October 20th, TWICE will hold a fan meeting ‘ONCE HALLOWEEN 2’ (once Halloween 2) to meet ‘ONCE’ (once: fandom name) at the Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

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