BTS, Become FILA’s Global Models [Official]

[Daily Economic Star Today Seong Jung Eun reporter]

K-Pop representative group BTS has become the face of the global sports brand Fila.

Fila Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon Geun-chang) announced on the 1st that BTS was selected as the global model of the Fila brand and signed an exclusive model contract.

As the scope of this contract is global, BTS with Fila can be seen not only in Korea but also in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Fila plans to expand the communication of ‘One World, One FILA’ with BTS, as an opportunity to enhance the image of the brand.

BTS is Fila’s global model, with the launch of its first brand ad image early next year. Fila will continue to communicate with consumers in a variety of ways by adding distinctive sensibilities to the Fila brand with the unique appeal of BTS members.

Fila said that BTS’s positive mind and genuine communication efforts are in line with the brand’s orientation, and their healthy and energetic appearance has been selected as a global model based on the brand image. In addition, BTS, which has established itself as a global artist, and Fila, which has solidified its brand status at home and abroad, are expecting energy.

The news of the collaboration of global artists, who are at the top of the world so that no explanation is needed, and the so-called big-brand brands, which have gained great popularity among consumers in Korea and abroad, are attracting attention as ‘a global meeting of global representatives’.

 We are looking forward to the explosive energy generated by the meeting of Fila and BTS, which have various similarities.

A Fila official said, “I am very pleased to be working with BTS, which is spreading positive influences all over the world, and I am very grateful for the hot attention.” “We will try to continue the special communication.”

Meanwhile, Fila is a sports brand that was born in Biella, Italy in 1911. In 2007, Fila Korea took over the global brand business and is acting as the headquarters of the brand in 70 countries around the world.

BTS resumed their activities after their first vacation after debut.

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