Ong Sung-woo starred in the musical film Life is Beautiful. Jungwoo, first lover.

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economic Star]

Actor Ong Sung-woo challenges the screen with the musical film Life is Beautiful.

Ong Sung Woo once again is focused on the musical film “Life is Beautiful,” followed by Ryu Seung-ryong and Yeom Jung-ah.

“Life is Beautiful,” is a musical film about the story of her husband, Kang Jin-bong, who was forced to set out together and Oh Se-yeon, a wife who asked for an extraordinary birthday present of finding her first love

Ong Sung-woo debuted in a group called Wanna One through the 2017 audition program “ Produce 101 Season 2 ”, where he was loved by the public for his talents. He played the role of Choi Chun-woo, a clumsy eighteen-year-old boy, where he was acclaimed for his delicate acting and announced his successful start as an actor.

Ongseong Woo, who is on the first screen challenge, will play the role of Jung-woo, the first love of the main character ‘Seyeon’ in school days in ‘Beautiful Life,’ and will give off the charm of purity and fresh youth.

‘Life is Beautiful’ was written by Bae Se-young, a writer of ‘Perfect Other’ and ‘Extreme Profession’, by Director Choi Kook-hee who was recognized for his annual output and popularity through the ‘National Bankruptcy Day’ and ‘Split’.

The movie ‘Life is Beautiful’ will begin shooting this month.

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