‘PD notebook’ cover Produce X101 controversy… “The truth of fake auditions revealed”

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, MK Economic Star Today]

‘PD notebook’ will deal with ‘Produce X101’ controversy of ballot rigging.

The MBC’s exploration report program ‘PD Notebook’, which was broadcasted on the 1st, announced in its last trailer that it would deal with the Mnet Produce X101 controversy.

‘PD notebook’ said in a preview that ‘We heard this story…, I knew the task in advance, It’s already been decided, the scene of unfair competition, Idol maker CJ’s fake audition, manipulated boys’ passion by an evil editor, the voting result was manipulated.”

In particular, “To national Producers, the truth of fake auditions will be revealed” raised the curiosity about the broadcast.

Produce X101 selected members of the project group X1 through live SMS polls.

 However, suspicions of manipulation were raised as the trainees whose debuts were strong until the end and the unexpected trainees were included in the debut group.

Doubts spreaded as the analysis showed that the number of votes of the trainees from 1st to 20th was explained as a multiple of a certain number of ‘7494.442’, and the difference in the number of votes was frequently repeated.

The staff explained, “There was an error in the aggregation and delivery process, but there was no change in ranking.” As controversy escalated, Mnet asked the police to investigate, and the investigation is ongoing.

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