Sulli broadcasting exposure debate gaze … “I’m offended” vs. “don’t look” [MK Issue]

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Sulli from the group F (x) is again at the center of the controversy. Following the Nora controversy, this time, the exposure controversy was during live broadcasting.

Sulli made an SNS live broadcast on the 28th and revealed how to care for hair. Sulli, who wore a soft top, wasn’t wearing underwear as she had adhered. In the process of moving, such as changing posture, parts of her body were exposed and thus lead to the spread of the so-called ‘broadcasting’ controversy.

The broadcast wasn’t limited to Sulli’s personal SNS live, but I was controversial because it was exposed to broadcasts for an unspecified number of netizens. The video has since been removed from Sulli’s account, but video and captured photos have been quickly distributed on the Internet.

The netizens divided their opinions. Nuri’s story is hot, but Sulli, who is the party, does not mind. In response to the controversy, she continues to act as usual by uploading daily photos without reacting much.

The controversy over Sulli’s exposure has been a hot topic for No-bra fashion. In this regard, Sully did not try to drag her in JTBC’s Night of Afflictions in June. I did it comfortably, she said.“ I have a lot of thoughts about personal freedom. ”

By clarifying her views on Nobra, Sulli’s no-bra move afterward was not as hot as it was before. After Sulli’s confession, the netizen’s gaze on her life also turned to ‘perspective’. But the controversy rekindled the incident.

The argument about the expression ‘gaze rape’, which Sulli mentioned in the past, is also hot. There are a number of negative reactions such as “Why did you express that you were exposed to and that you were raped?”

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