[Curtain Call] “Lee Su-man PICK!” … Super M, SHINee, NCT Together ‘K-P0P Avengers’.

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SM Entertainment Entertainment’s K-Pop Avengers SuperM, selected by producer Lee Soo-man, will be shown on the 2nd, at 11:00 am, a press conference was held at the Dragon City Grand Ballroom in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. SuperM is a global team of 7 members including Shinee Taemin, Exo Baekhyun and Kai, NCT 127 Taeyong and Mark and Lucas and Ten of the Chinese group WayV. It is a global project presented by SM Entertainment and the US music label Capitol Music Group.

Baek Hyun introduced SuperM as a “7-member alliance team”.

As for the criteria for selecting members, “Lee Soo-man picks us out”. I want to create super energy through the personality, skills, and experience of each member. So I want to show many people a lot of things, and I want to spread the energy of the combined superpower”

When asked whether it was hard to be a federation team from different teams, the members said, “There was no problem. We all have collaboration experiences because we are SMtowns” “It feels good to be a team. It’s been easy because everyone is outstanding. ”

Among some fans, there are concerns that members of various groups will be united with Super M and original group activities will be neglected. Baek Hyun said, “Aren’t we ‘super’? It’s going to be very hard, but each team will work together with SuperM. ” In addition, Kai said that EXO has plans to come out this year. Each one will work hard in their original group. ”

The title song “Jopping” of SuperM’s first mini-album“SuperM,” is an electric pop genre featuring a magnificent and energetic sound, with the message “Let’s enjoy our own stage.”

“Jopping” is a new word that we have created,” said Mark. “It is the combination of Jumping and Popping. It’s so powerful that I think our performance of the song is good.”

Baek-hyun said, “Lee Soo-man came to the recording studio for the first time. He gave directions and a lot of advice at the music video shooting site.”

SuperM will host an outdoor showcase, “ SuperM: Live From Capitol Records in Hollywood, ” at the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, USA on October 5th (local time).

When asked if there was any pressure to enter the US market, Taemin said, “It seems like a dream to go to the US market.” “It was a dream to have a concert in the United States and have them enjoy our culture while watching Western culture. It’s so nice to go to the big market.”

“We have worked hard to produce good stages and performances that go with it. I hope we have a good result.

Super M’s title song ‘Japping’, as well as ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’, ‘2 Fast’, ‘Super Car’ and ‘No Manners’ are the 5 songs included on the album(No Manners). It will be released at 6 pm on the 4th.

Group Super M. Photo | Yoo Yong Suk Reporter

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