Kang Daniel’s outfit choice(PICK) “Pink Shorts”… diving pause master

Kang Daniel’s own YouTube content ‘Colorful Daniel’ is a travel blog that shows Kang Daniel’s colorful growth through new experiences in strange situations, not on stage.

The 2nd episode in Bangkok was released on the 2nd at 6 pm. At the end of last episode, Kang Daniel came out of the hotel with wet hair, raising the curiosity about Bangkok.

The second destination of the fan meeting tour in Bangkok, Kang Daniel’s travel item was the swimming pool. Suddenly, the staff made a suggestion for playing in water, and Kang Daniel completed his swimming pool look wearing a pink swimsuit.

Kang Daniel seemed afraid of playing in the fear of deep water, but he quickly adapted to the depths of the pool and enjoyed a variety of diving poses, and did the backstroke, dolphin kicks. While taking pictures of diving in several poses, he created the effect as if appearing in the water using the reverse play technique.

Kang Daniel then moved to the restaurant and started a simple story with light meal. Danie’s candid stories from the addictive French fries to funny happenings at Singapore, and to the sudden crap in his arm while sleeping were released.

 It was a precious time to get closer to Kang Daniel.

The next episode of ‘colorful Daniel’ full of Daniel’s candid daily life the next is Taipei. There is a great expectation of where the river Daniel will admire, “Pretty”.

Kang Daniel’s Travlog “Colorful Daniel” is released one by one on the official YouTube channel every Wednesday evening.

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