Park Seo-jun confirms casting of ‘Dream’, Director Lee Byung-hun of ‘Extreme Job’

[Everyday Economic Star Today Shin Young-eun reporter]

Actor Park Seo-jun was cast for the next film ‘Dream’ (working title), directed by Lee Byung-hun, who was the biggest box-office success in 2019.

Lee Byung-hun, director of ‘Extreme Job’ in 2019, and Park Seo-joon, favorably received his various reinvention in acting through the movie ‘The Divine Fury’, ‘Midnight Runners’ and ‘Beauty Inside’, meet with the film ‘Dream’. ‘Dream’ is a delightful drama about the homeless world cup challenge of Hongdae (Park Seo-jun) and the national team players who caught the ball for the first time in their life.

Lee Byung-hun, who received the attention of the film industry early through the adaptation of ‘Speed scandal’, ‘Sunny’ and ‘Tazza The Hidden card’, mobilized more than 3 million viewers in the comedy film ‘Twenty’, which tells the story of three friends of 20 years old. Lee Byung-hun has become the most notable director in the independent box office Chungmuro ​​as the comical investigation drama ‘Extreme Job’, which has captured 16 million viewers.

The movie ‘Dream’ (working title) is already receiving a lot of attention because of Lee’s vivid storyline, sensational output, and anticipation of the joyful laughter and emotions of diverse characters.

Actor Park Seo-jun, who will catch up with Lee Byung-hun through ‘Dream’, played the role of Yoon Hong-dae, a soccer player who was chased by an unexpected incident. Park Seo-Jun’s casting adds credibility to the film as he will be the manager of the improvised soccer team and will be able to express the various emotions and growth of the characters as his unique charms. His filmography includes the movie ‘The Divine Fury’, ‘Midnight Runners’, ‘Beauty Inside’, ‘The Chronicles of Evil’, and the drama ‘Witch’s Love’, ‘She’s Pretty’, ‘Ssam, My Way’ and ‘Secretary Kim’. Park Seo-joon, who has succeeded in his acting career, is heralding a new acting transformation through this movie.

The film ‘Dream’, which draws expectations with an interesting combination of director Lee Byung-hun and actor Park Seo-jun, is scheduled to be cranked in 2020.

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