NU’EST, mini 7th Album ‘The Table’ Comeback 21st

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Group NU’EST will make a comeback with their 7th mini album ‘The Table’ on the 21st.

Pledis Entertainment opened the concept page on the official SNS channel at 0 o’clock on the 4th and released the 7th album title ‘The Table’.

On this concept page, an invitation written ‘The Table’, which also title of this new album, is the first on on this concept page.

 As the invitation unfolded, a message window with ‘Piece of your love’ and ‘Please tell your love story’ appeared and caught our attention.

In the invitation, there is a message window where you can share your love story. When the story is submitted, the mini album name ‘The Table’, the album’s release date ‘1021’, and the address of the question are written, and they will give a special gift to the fans.

It is noteworthy what kind of story is contained in the 7th mini album ‘The Table’ which NU’EST releases about six months after the completion of the trilogy.

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