[“Strangers from Hell”] Lee Dong-wook, outstanding performance

[Daily Economic Star Today Shin Young-eun reporter]

‘Strangers from Hell” Actor Lee Dong-wook made another life character by showing off his acting transformation.

Yoon Jong-woo (Lim Si-wan) became the murderer of Seo Mun-jo (Lee Dong-wook) in the 10th episode of Gas Lighting. Yoon Jong-woo killed all the Koshiwon characters, including Seomunjo. However, Yun Jong-woo was released because he killed only Seo Mun-jo.

‘Strangers from Hell’ is a mystery that a young man who experiences the hell created by others in an unfamiliar Koshiwon life in Seoul. Following ‘Trap’, this is the second film of Drama Cinema, which combines the format of films and dramas, and Naver Webtoon, based on the author Kim Yong-ki’s, was loved enough to record 800 million cumulative views.

Lee Dong-wook was a dentist and a cruel murderer in the drama of the Eden Koshiwon. Seomunjo, a new character not found in the original webtoon, hides the face of a cruel killer behind a good face, and is the murderer of one of the most cruel of nature of Kosiwon..

Lee Dong-wook made a radical transformation that was not shown in his works before. In the ending of episode 2, the real identity of the murderer was revealed, giving the best reversal and playing an active role in adding tension to the storyline of ‘Strangers from Hell’.

In addition, Lee Dong Wook succeeded in chainging in his acting style by maintaining a decent attitude and creating strange tension in the eerie situation, and completely digesting exaggerated smiles and harsh lines.

Lee Dong-wook has appeared in the Roco genre and has shown the king of Roco. Expectations were focused on Lee Dong-wook’s first OCN genre challenge, who has showed solid play across the genres such as the dramas ‘Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’ and ‘Life’. Lee Dong-wook proved the broad spectrum of acting and expected future acting.

OCN’s new Saturday’s original “ Everyone’s Lie ” (writer Jeon Yeong-jung and director Lee Yun-jung), which will appear on Lee Min-ki’s Lee Yeong-young, will be broadcast on Saturday night at 10:30.

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