‘Little Forest’ Lee Seung-gi embarrassed with Grace’s Tears, and Lee Han’s tattling

[Maeil Business Star Today Jeon Han Seul Guest Reporter]

‘Little Forest’ Lee Seung-gi expressed his injustice.

Lee Seung-gi made Grace cry in the SBS entertainment program ‘Little Forest’ which was broadcast on the 7th.

On this day, Lee Seung-gi saw Grace eating cookies before meal and asked “Did you eat enough?”. At that moment, Grace burst into tears. When Grace burst into tears, crying for her mom, Lee Seung-gi was very embarrassed and soothed crying Grace. So Jung Somin and Park Narae bewildered, “Why is Grace crying?” Lee Han, who was watching the situation next to him, said, “He scolded Grace.”

Then Lee Seung-gi explained “I didn’t scold, I just asked just in case she skip meal later,” and he said to Lee Han “Hey you shouldn’t have told like this, I just asked her”.

So Jung SoMin bust into laughter saying, “Uncle Seung-gi will cry soon, also”. Lee Seung-gi anticipated a hard day and heaved a sigh to add laughter.

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