[Comprehensive] ‘When camellia blooms’ Gong Hyojin ♥ Kang Hanul, tense up with open relationship

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‘When camellia blooms’ Gong Hyojin and Kang Hanul began to have fling.

The relationship between Camellia (Gong Hyojin) and Hwang Yong-sik (Kang Hanul) progressed in the 13th and 14th episodes of the KBS2 drama ‘When camellia blooms’ on the 9th.

On that day, the camellia announced that she would sue Roh Kyu-tae (Oh Jung-se) with the account book. Hong Ja-young (Yeom Hye-ran) watched the situation and asked, “So do you really want to sue my husband? If you need any legal support, please contact me”.

Since then, Camellia has followed Kwak Deok-soon (Go Dusim), who has been stunned with the situation. When the camellia felt sorry for that, Kwak Deok-soon said, “I want to go with you and talk again later.” Camellia asked, “If I can’t find any change, can you allow it?”, under the Kwak Deok-soon’s implicit agreement, she decided to break up with Hwang Yong-sik.

Then camellia and Hwang Yong-sik ate dumplings said “I don’t go out with him”. She told disappointed Hwang Yong-sik, “Just friends benefit… I want to keep our relationship for a long time.” Hwang Yong-sik said, “I always stands by you.”

Later, Camellia received legal help from Hong’s law firm. She scanned the account book and stored it all on USB. Hong Ja-young said, “Aren’t you the woman of rumors? Now receive a great benefit from that rumors. Just think that you carry a sword and If anyone annoys you, stop asking, then just cut him with it. “

Then only Roh Kyu-tae’s impatient, he asked Camellia, “You are reckless. Can you do this to your landlord also?”, and camellia said, “Yes I can do this. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. That’s my life motto.” And she demands apology from him..

Eventually, Roh Kyu-tae apologized, “I’m Sorry. Sorry I’m Sorry. Is that enough?”. The camellia said, “Stop acting up, the trigger was pulled and old Camellia died.”

Meanwhile, a shocking scene is drawn at the end of this episode that makes viewers forgetting next episode. On the wall that Camelia and Hwang came back from the grocery store, there was a red warning “I told you not to, I’ve been watching you.” Hwang Yong-sik first found the phrase and hugged the camellia to create tension.

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