Hummingbirds, Grand Prize at Bergen Film Festival

[Maeil business Star Today Han Hyun-jeong]

It is a wonderful record. ‘Hummingbird’ (director Kim Bo-ra), which has recorded over 110,000 viewers and written a new record, won 27 co-winners at the Bergen International Film Festival.

He fascinated the world with another news that it co-received the grand prize again in the competition section of the Bergen International Film Festival.

In the sixth week of its release, Hummingbirds remains the number one place for independent and artistic film box offices. The fever for ‘hummingbirds’, which is also ranked in the overall box office rankings, continues to heat up, and another news of the award has given a green light to long-term success..

‘Hummingbird’ shared the honor with Gyro Bustamante of ‘LA LLORONA’ at the 20th Bergen International Film Festival, held from September 25 to October 3,

In the competition category(Cinema Extraordinaire), which is awarded for the extraordinary feature film from all over the world, there were also nominations such as Mendoza Pilho’s Bakulau, who won this year’s Cannes Film Jury Award, and Sinners, Nadab Rapid’s Golden Bear, who won the Berlin Film Festival’s Golden Bear Award, the hummingbird was honored with the grand prize.

Bergen International Film Festival awarded with a favorable response “The mystery of human relations is a big problem for teenagers, and for Eun-hee, the heroin of the hummingbird. The craving for connection is so intense and destructive, her delicate first feature was drawn in a touching way.

 The stories in the story are conveyed as images that are lovely and beautiful without being cluttered. Stories unfold slowly and poetically, and at the end, you’ll find the wonder of finding someone in this world to find and cherish. And even for many reasons the link doesn’t last…..”

‘Hummingbirds’ tells the story of the 14-year-old Eun-hee’s universal and brilliant memory in 1994, facing an enormous unknown world.

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