Park Seo-Jun succeed Pasta… Yeom JeongAh ‘Shoulder Dance’ (‘Three meals a day’)

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Huge Pasta, made by Park Seo-jun, in ‘Three meals a day’, stimulated the viewer’s saliva.

In the TVN entertainment program ‘Three meals a day’, which was broadcast on the 11th, Park Seo-Jun made dishes using pasta ingredients and steak meat prepared before shooting.

Park Seo-Jun prepared the pasta for ‘Three meals a day’ members. He put olive oil on the meat and let it mature for 10 minutes at room temperature.

Park Seo-Jun, who transformed into a chef, left 8 servings of noodles and started roasting meat. In order to flavor the meat, rosemary was ringed and roasted, making everyone drool.

Park Seo-Jun, who started making pasta in earnest, pours cod roe and olive oil to complete the dish. But he made eight portions of pasta and surprised everyone. After seeing a huge amount of pasta, Park Seo-jun said, “I feel like a kitchen police.”

The perfect combination of dishes, from pasta to steak, was completed, and ‘Restaurant in mountain village’ was opened. Yeom Jeong-ah, who had eaten the food that Seo-Jun prepared, said, “The steak sauce is also delicious.”

Yeom Jeong-ah enjoyed a large pasta serving for 8 people and enjoyed with dancing shoulder.

All of them enjoyed dinner by singing hum after a long time.

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