(Sweets) Butter series

This week is an introduction to sweets.

Almond butter is a famous Korean snack

These Honey Butter chips were also a huge boom, sold out at supermarkets and convenience stores, and were out of stock.

Now they are available everywhere, but at that time it was so popular that it became difficult to obtain.

Also, it became a hot topic among entertainers, and those who saw it immediately ate it.

The taste is addictive, buttery and sweet, so it makes you never want to stop eating!!

Be careful of overeating!! 🙂

Next One

Butter waffles.

They come in a pretty package

They have been popular among Koreans for a long time

They are also popular with tourists now.

 If you are looking for a souvenir this is the thing to get.

They are very addictive, so be careful not to eat too many!

Butter waffles are crunchy and crispy and are characterized by their soft sweetness.

If you come to Korea, please try not only Korean food but also our sweets.

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