This is Super M Power… # 1 on Billboard 200 at the same time as the debut

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

SuperM (SuperM) debuted at the same time as the number one Billboard 200.

Billboard announced on the 13th (local time) homepage ‘SuperM is the first mini-album to be ranked No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart’. And beat the US R & B singer Summer Walker. ”

SuperM is a combined team of seven outstanding artists, including Shinee Taemin, Exo Baekhyun and Kai, NCT 127 Taeyong and Mark, and Chinese group WayV Lucas and Ten. It was the first time that a pop artist was ranked first in the debut album ‘Billboard 200’, so we confirmed SuperM’s ‘Super Synergy’ once again.

SuperM is a global project jointly presented by SM Entertainment and the US Capitol Music Group (hereinafter referred to as CMG).

The first place is a result of SM’s unique producing ability and CMG’s excellent network and marketing.

SuperM is so happy and feels like it’s a dream to be number one on the Billboard 200. They say it’s “Thanks to many people who are happy and in love with the new challenge. They will continue to work hard to show super energy from now on. ”

In addition, Lee Soo-man, Producer, said, “We are grateful to the fans all over the world as well as the Korean fans who have been confronted and cheered by the members who have taken on the new challenges as producers. I am very happy to partner with CMG, led by Steve Barnett, and I look forward to seeing things to come. “It’s the result of all of SM’s employees and their invisible staff.”

Steve Barnett, chairman of CMG, said, “SuperM rewrote history today and I am very happy to be able to help the producers and SM staff.

 Everyone has been working very hard to make this happen, and this is just the beginning. More work is waiting for us. ”Congratulations on SuperM’s # 1 Billboard.

SuperM’s first mini-album ‘SuperM’, which was ranked first in ‘Billboard 200’, includes ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ and ‘2 Fast’ as well as the title song ‘Jopping’ (Japping). ), ‘Super Car’, ‘No Manners’, and five colorful songs.

Meanwhile, SuperM will showcase their first mini-albums and members’ different appearances in major cities in North America, including Texas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. Live).

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