TWICE X Kakao Friends Goods Global Launch Direct Design Involvement

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

23 kinds of “ Kakao Friends Twice Edition ” goods, in collaboration with Kakao IX’s character brand Kakao Friends, will be released on the 19th at the same time.

The Kakao Friends Twice Edition is the first collaboration Kakao Friends has with TWICE. Members who like Kakao Friends participated in the overall production process, such as product planning and design, in order to make goods that they want to use with global fans.

The main concept of “ Kakao Friends Twice Edition ” is “ Always Together ”, which means “ Kaka Friends and Twice ”, a precious person that is always with you when you are happy or sad.

Goods consist of 23 types of beauty, living, and travel, which are most closely related to TWICE’s daily life, following nine pin badges released in August.

The beauty Team is Ji Hyo, Jeong Yeon, Mina, and Living Team are Tzuyu, Sana, Da Hyun, and the Travel Team Momo, Chaeyoung, Nayeon. They show off their hidden skills based on their usual love for the characters.

In addition, the collaboration process will be produced in separate contents such as making a film and will be disclosed through the project site and official SNS account.

An official of Kakao IX said, “Twice’s promising proposal based on affection for Kakao Friends and sincere participation could lead to the best collaboration result.” I hope that this collaboration project will allow many global fans to have a new and unique experience. ”

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