HuhGak after returning from thyroid cancer to expand national tour of concert

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After returning from fighting against with his disease, master of ballard confirms the national tour, and gives a deep impression at the end of this year.

The agency, PlayM Entertainment, said, “We will hold a concert ‘Performance Hall’ at Ayang Hall, Daegu Ayang Art Center on December 24th, at Woosong Art Center in Daejeon on the 31st, followed by concert in Seoul. Following the “willingness to meet fans with music, the performances will be expanded nationwide. We will be warmly impressed with the ballad performance this winter, so please look forward to it.”

Earlier, Huh gave a news of the concert held in Seoul a year after the concert ‘Fall In Love’.

Meanwhile HuhGak has been word-of-mouth with abundant ballad performances that anyone can enjoy and this tour is also looking forward to it.

Ticketing for the Daegu and Daejeon concerts will be held at Melon Ticket today(16th). The concert details can be found through the official SNS of the company and the HuhGak’s fan cafe.

GuhGak made his debut with the hottest attention in the 2010 nationwide audition program, and showed hit songs like ‘Hello’, ‘Miss You’, and ‘Only You’ and was loved by his unique appeal.

At the end of 2017, it was a pity that news of thyroid cancer was reported. HuhGak, who released the ‘Empty Words’ sound after fighting the disease, returned to broadcast in September with KBS2’s ‘An Eternal Masterpiece’. At the time, HuhGak, who won the final championship in the first part of the show, proved the strength of ‘Ballard’.

HuhGak is preparing for the concert “Concert-Gak” held at the Dongduk Women’s University Centennial Memorial on September 9th and 10th.

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