Sulli’s handwritten memo, included her last thoughts?

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Singer and actress Sulli (real name Choi Jin-ri, 25) was found dead in her home, while the police are analyzing the handwritten memo found on the scene.

Sulli was found by her manager on 14th at 3:21 pm in her home in Simgok-dong, Jeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. Police are currently investigating Sulli’s extreme choice because no other criminal charges have been found.

In the house, police found a handwritten memo that describes her feelings.

It is known that many notes were written like a diary. A police officer commented about the diary saying, “We cannot confirm the details of the note.”

Suddenly, the news of Sulli’s death struck both the domestic and international entertainment world. Many of the official events, including the showcase and entertainment program production presentation, originally scheduled on the 15th, the day after Sulli’s death, were canceled. The foreign press also reported that K-pop star Sulli, who was fighting against malicious comments, was found dead.

Koo Hara, Shin Hyun-joon, Har Su, Park Gyu-ri, Hong Seok-cheon, Gu Hye-sun, and Ahn Jae-hyun are mourning Sulli’s death through SNS. The voices of malicious comments are higher than ever.

Sulli debuted in the SBS drama ‘Seo Dong-yo’ in 2005 and debuted in the entertainment industry as a child actor.

In 2009, she debuted as a group f (x) and was loved by many hits including ‘Ratchata’, ‘Electronic Shock’, ‘First Love’ and ‘Red Light’.

In 2014, Sulli left the team the following year, complaining of bad comments and rumors, and since then, she has been a solo singer and actor. She appeared in a number of films such as Pirate-Mountain Rogue, Fashion King, and Real, in 2018, she also revealed her daily life through the web entertainment ‘Truth Store’.

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