Togeworld’s Kim Ye-rim, now Lim Kim… Image changed

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Singer Lim Kim releases her first EP, GENERASIAN.

After a long absence from the stage, Lim Kim released her single ‘SAL-KI’’ in May and made a fresh shock to the public with a 180-degree change and new music that was known to the public as Togeworld’s mixed duo Kim Ye-rim.

Since then she has been crowdfunding for the album through Tumblbug. The EP has been released with the success of raising more than 90 million won from nearly 2,000 supporters.

Lim Kim wrote and composed all the songs as well as directing albums with producer No Identity.

The EP, which includes total of six songs, including the double title song ‘Yellow’ and ‘ong’, contains the theme ‘Oriental’ and ‘female’. Along with the intense message, it is expected to catch the eyes and ears of music fans with a new attempt that is rare in K-pop.

The title song ‘Yellow’ refers to the yellow race and conveys the message about the identity of Asian women in a compelling sound. The music video also attempted to visualize the musical message with the new look of Lim kim. Christine Yuan who is Taiwanese-American director, has worked with 88 Rising, grabbed megaphone for the music video ‘Yellow’ filmed In Shanghai for two days. The music videos for Yellow and another title song ‘Mong’ were all produced with crowdfunding.

Prior to the release of the EP, Lim Kim held a private concert in Hongdae for crowdfunding sponsors on September 6th. She also actively communicates with her fans by pre-releasing album covers through her social media channels.

Lim Kim will impress the public with her identity as a musician who has been reestablished over the past three years. Also, on November 9th, She will participate in the One Day Arts Festival held at the Namsan Picnic (PIKNIC) in Seoul, and will show live performances with artists such as Say Sue Me and O3ohn.

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