Autopsy found no crimes. Choiza to YooAhin Cherish the memory of Sulli (general)

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The last Sulli’s autopsy found no criminal charges

The police said there was no suspicion of a crime as a result of an autopsy. In the meantime, the memorial procession of those who miss her continues.

The police, who received verbal comments from the autopsy doctor at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation on Thursday, said there were no signs of suspicion of death from Sulli’s body.

The police plan to close the investigation soon after, concluding that Sulli died in an extreme choice.

The death of Sulli is still incredible news for most of her fellow entertainers.

The memorial process continues even three days later.

IU, who is the best friend of the deceased, was promoting upcoming her 5th mini album in November 11th with publicize the contents. However, After IU heard the sad news from her best friend’s , she stopped promotion activity and expressed her condolences.

Another best friend Koo Hara missed the decease Sulli through SNS live. “I’m so sorry that I can’t say good bye because I’m staying in Japan. When you go to heaven, do what you really want. I will live life to the full to your share.” Earlier she expressed her condolences by listening to Sulli’s  sad news and writing on social media. “In heaven, do what you want to do.” “Tears don’t stop. I still can’t believe it.” she said.

Her ex-lover Choiza also remembered the deceased. Choiza told his SNS, “We had the most beautiful moments in each other’s lives. I let you go so sadly, but I really want to see the memories until the day I close my eyes. ”

Following Amber, who had suspended all activities, Victoria also canceled the schedule and got on a flight to Korea in a sad news of Sulli. Victoria is saddened by the death of a member who has been together.

YooAhin said through his SNS, “Some people depreciated her and displeased her, but I regarded her as a heroin, a goddess, an icon of new generation, who boldly expresses personal freedom and freedom of expression. I like her as well. Her attitude of refusing to war stale masks in an angelic smile at brand venue. “Sulli” was the owner of a clean and clear soul who had no choice but to wear an her own unique mask. ”

In addition, HA:TFELT, the Youtuber grandma Park Makrye, and Yoon Jong-shin mourned the deceased.

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