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Group NU’EST (JR, Aron, Backhoe, Minhyun, Ren) has been attracting attention before their comeback with content that stimulates curiosity.

NU’EST, who finished their trilogy of the article from their previous 6th mini-album ‘Happily Ever After,’ tells a new story through Mini 7’s ‘The Table’, which will be released on the 21st.

In particular, NU’EST, which foresaw new changes and attempts, released a variety of contents such as official photos and tracklists, starting with free trailers, and presented sweetness with a different concept from what it has shown so far. On this basis, expectations are rising for the title song “LOVE ME,” a sophisticated yet sweet expression of a woman in love.

Based on the contents, we looked at the ‘focus point’ that makes people expect the comeback.

# Mini’s 7th Album, The New East Story, ‘The Table’

The story of NU’EST who completed the trilogy of the article is ‘Love’. This new release contains various colored songs in the universal theme of ‘Love’ and the theme, like an omnibus film that deals with various stories in one theme. In addition, Baekho will be able to write, compose and produce songs directly for all of the songs, while JR and Minhyun will participate in writing the lyrics.

This change can be felt at once through the official photo and free listening images. In the recently released ‘Pieces Of Pie’ and ‘Forenoon’ versions of the official photo, NU’EST releases a cozy autumn sensation and emits a fresh charm. It provided sweetness that was different from the color and made them look forward to their transformation.

# The common element of each trailer image, the object ‘pie’

In addition, there is another element of NU’EST’s content that attracts many music fans. This is the part that has appeared in member trailers of individual and group trailers that have been released sequentially since the 7th.

 Above all, the trailer video has brought a lot of speculation to the viewers who have a meaningful atmosphere, so the interest in pies was also hot.

Pies are exposed from the image, from cherry pie to cheese pie, they are baked in various ways, have different flavors depending on the toppings, and sometimes have an incomplete form, reflecting the various aspects of love. The theme of Mini 7 is very appealing.

As such, NU’EST made music fans feel the joy of waiting and enjoying the comeback through the new story that penetrates the mini seven houses and the object pie, which is common in each trailer video. Attention is focused.

On the other hand, NU’EST will release the mini seventh album ‘The Table’ at 6 pm on various music sites.

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