Alexa from “PRODUCE 48” unveils her intense debut song “Bomb”

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Alexa released her first digital single ‘Bomb (Night) and its ‘EYES ON YOU’s performance teaser video on a public SNS account on the 17th morning.

The teaser, uniquely named “Watching,” is made up of scenes that suggest AI(Artificial Intelligence) awakening. Especially in the latter part of the video, Alexa’s view through the camera lens that was filming herself further amplified the curiosity about the hidden story.

Subsequently, the “Bomb” performance teasers give a glimpse of Alexa’s intense dance. In the video, Alexa performed a powerful choreography with dancers, giving off an overwhelming charisma that is not believed to be a rookie.

Alexa, who previously heralded a spectacular video beauty and a huge scale music video, reminded her fans of the AWAKENING teaser video.

Last year, Alex, who took part in Mnet ‘Produce 48’ under the name of Alex Christine, made her first-ever show by Johnny Bros label ZB LABEL. . In particular, she is attracting more attention as she is preparing for her first solo debut from ‘Produce 48’.

Alexa’s debut single, ‘Bomb’, will be released on the 21st at noon on various online music sites.

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