N.flying ‘Good Night’ vocal version live video released.

[Everyday Star of Economics Today Lee Da Gyum reporter]

Band N.Flying (Lee Seung-hyeop Cha Hoon Kim Jae-hyun Yoo Hoe-seung) released a live video of their new song GOOD BAM(Good night).

FNC Entertainment, an N.flying agency, released a live clip vocal version of the new song GOOD BAM on N-Fly’s official YouTube channel.

In this video, their unique visual beauty that seems to be connected to different spaces stands out, while Lee Seung-hyeop and Yoo Hoe-seung, who are in charge of vocals in N.flying, sing the new song ‘GOOD BAM’ live.

On top of the trendy and comfortable sound, Yoo Hoe-seung’s utterly clean singing power and Lee Seung-hyeop’s sensual bass intersect.

The title song of Good Ning’s 6th album, Good Night (GOOD BAM), is Lee Seung-hyeop’s own song, which has a trendy and emotional feeling in Ning’s own color. On a cool autumn night, the youth who can’t easily fall asleep unfold like pictures, and it is enough to become a new goodnight song.

On the 18th, N.Flying will show the first comeback stage of the new song ‘GOOD BAM’ through KBS2 ‘Music Bank’.

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