Recommended in Korea (Sweets ①)

Chipbook Chip (꼬북칩)

This product can be enjoyed now with a new texture!

There are three flavors: corn soup, shrimp and cinnamon.

However, I think this corn soup tastes the most delicious.

It ’s a four-fold snack that has a corn soup taste.

You can eat a lot!                   

These sweets are large and small, and the price will not change for both.

So please, buy a large size and eat!

(Distributor) Convenience store, supermarket

(price)160G 2.380\

192G 2.380\

Chicken Pop (치킨팝)

This product is a snack that both children and adults prefer.

It is said that most of my friends eat it well.

There are also two types of flavors, the first is a takanjeong flavor, and the second is a dry flavor.

The taste is very tasty and sweet, so I think that even small children will like it.

Be careful when eating, as it will be Spicy and dry.

But it looks like an addictive treat. It may be good to try it ^^

(Distributor) Convenience store, supermarket


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