`SPOTLIGHT ‘, Yoo Seung-jun thought ‘time heals all wounds’

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‘SPOTLIGHT’ released  Yoo Seung-jun’s interview.

Yoo Seung-jun’s interview was broadcasted on the 17th of Jtbc’s current affairs program SPOTLIGHT.

The SPOTLIGHT team visited Yoo’s studio in Los Angeles, USA. Yoo Seung-joon, who left Korea at 27, becomes 44 years old now. Yoo Seung-joon, wearing sunglasses, greeted the staff.

“It’s a natural process for me to come to the United States when I was young and to get citizenship when it’s time. There is only one case of me that looks like the evasion of military service.” Yoo Seung-jun added, “In the past the special thing about Marine Corps was envy for me.”

“I never received such a request. I don’t have any publicity or anything like that.” “The MMA official called me Steve Seung-joon Yoo, and talked to me in English.” he said. On the other hand, deputy spokesman Chung Sung-deok argued that “because he has become a foreigner, I think it is appropriate to call it accordingly.”

Yoo Seung-jun said, “I made a promise and left Korea, I think you have been frustrated and disappointed that I changed my mind.” He knelt in 2015 on an Internet broadcast saying he wants to serve the military. But he was already too old to join the army.

Yoo Seung-jun insisted, “I thought it would be solved over time, so I had forgotten it.” In response to the voice that he had insisted on going back to the army because he passed the age for the military service already, Yoo Seung-joon said, “If you think so, I can’t explain it anymore.”

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