Zion.T come back in 1 year? Polaroid of working new song released

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Dakyum]

Singer-songwriter Zion.T has drawn attention to the recent situation that suggests his comeback.

THE BLACK LABEL posted three Polaroid images on the 17th at its official SNS account showing the current state of Zion.T ‘s studio.

The public image shows Zion.T who is working on a new album at the studio. Zion.T, who had been curious about the news since the EP album ‘ZZZ’’ in October last year, has indicated that the release of the new album is imminent through Polaroid photos.

Fans’ expectations are rising as to what kind of song will be born after he heralded his returning in about a year. Zion.T is sweeping the top of the music charts for every song release and is currently reigning as one of representative artists in Korean music business.

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