[Curtain Call] Cho Seung-woo, have you heard ‘Sweeney Todd’


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<Musical Review> Have you heard ‘Sweeney Todd’ played by mad Cho Seung-woo

“Have you seen Sweeney Todd? A man with pale face. No one survived when he drew freshly sharpened blade. What was his identity? Sweeney Todd… a devil wearing a barber mask. ”

It is quite true as I have heard that Cho Seung-woo on the stage is still invincible.

The musical “Sweeney Todd” is the work of Stephen Sondheim, one of Broadway’s most innovative composers, which is a musical thriller with an unprecedented, creepy storyline, three-dimensional characters and high-quality music.

Based on the 19th century England, Benjamin Barker, who once cared for his wife and daughter, changed his name to Sweeney Todd after fifteen years of unfair prison life, and he took revenge on the world and Judge Turpin who drove him into misery.

Cho Seung-woo played hero in Sweeney Todd, who has been on stage in three years since 2016, Cho Seung-woo boasted a high-class acting that was suitable for story-oriented Sondheim’s works.

After three years of returning to the stage of Sweeney Todd, Cho Seung-woo presents a persuasive performance based on a deeper interpretation of Sweeney Todd. He realistically portrays someone who lost his beloved and fell in despair becoming a ruthless serial killer.

Cho Seung-woo, who completely covers the vivid humor that overflows with the dark content with his acting power, also worked in perfect harmony with Ok Ju-hyun, who plays the role of Mrs. Lovett. They are attuned to each other following last season, much deepened chemistry of the two will give the audience a laugh and thrill.

The musical ‘Sweeney Todd’ in 2019, Cho Seung-woo, Hong Kwang-ho, and Park Eun-tae as a role of Sweeney Todd, and Ok Joo-hyun, Kim Ji-hyun, Lin-a as a role of Mrs. Rovett, Kim Do-hyung, Seo Young-joo as Judge Turpin, also new actors and actresses Lim Joon-hyuk, Shin Joo-hyeop, Shin Jae-bum, Choi Seo-yeon and Lee Ji-soo meet the audience with a complete lineup. The musical “Sweeney Todd” will be performed at Charlotte Theater until January 27, 2020

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