Brown Eyed Girls 4 Members 4 Color Official Photo… Girl Crush

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Group “Brown Eyed Girls” show off their aura.

Brown Eyed Girls released their new album ‘RE_vive’ 4 with private color cuts on their official SNS channel on the 21st. In a conflicting concept of black and white, Brown Eyed Girls caught eyes with their distinctive styling.

Jea and Narsha are both soft and intense with Ash Beige and Red Dye,

On the other hand, Miryo showed her pulsating charisma with alluring eyes, while Gain overwhelmed the mood with her trademark short hair and black lip.

All four members exude a unique aura with restrained facial expressions and poses, thus showing the charm of Girl Crush.

Brown Eyed Girls has recently gained attention for their online songs though YouTube and Mnet ‘Queendom’ re-examination and the interest in the new album after four years has increased.

The new album ‘RE_vive’ will be released on the music site at 6 pm on the 28th. Prior to this, Brown Eyed Girls appeared in full on JTBC ‘Knowing Brother’, which is broadcast on the 26th.

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