[Curtain Call] “Came back Before Military Service” … VAV with ‘Poison’.

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The group VAV made a comeback with their album ‘Poison’, which was made before their enlistment.

VAV (Ayno, Ace, Baron, Lou, Ziu, Jacob, St. Van) held a new showcase to commemorate the release of the fifth mini-album ‘POISON’ at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 21st at 1:30 pm. Showed off.

St. Van said, “We will release a new album this October, following March and July. I wanted to show you the emotional and dreamlike charm that I haven’t shown in this album.

“I want to be a public servant in the music industry by making albums without getting tired.”

Aino asked, “What’s the secret to being able to release three albums every year?” Ano says, “Members really love sports. They constantly exercise during their free season and exercise in the waiting room during broadcast activities. They have a lot of energy! “

The title song “ Poison, ” which is the title of the album and the same name, is a pop ballad that expresses the sorrow that leaks from the end of a terrible love that has turned like a poison. In particular, the emotional lyrics that compare love to Poison are impressive.

The members introduce the new song as a “Pop Ballad which expresses the sorrow of love,” and the “Introduction is an emotional song.” Members like hip hop and beat, but they also like emotional things. Ballads are often called in cars. So when we first heard the song, we felt it. ”

Poison’s song ‘119’ is a song with emotional melodies, and the group Pentagon Huy participates in composing and writing lyrics. St. Van seems to have been thinking for a month (which song would be the title of Poison or 119). Both voted equally, and the last time I voted, I decided the title song with Poison. “119” was a pity, so we prepared a choreography separately. “

Regarding Huy’s work, the members said, “I had a lot of activities with the Pentagon, and I wanted to receive the song while using the same waiting room. The song that wrote the VAV voice was 119. When I was recording, I came to watch the directing for nearly 10 hours. I could learn a lot from different aspects. ”

When asked about members about to join the military, Baron said, “I am going to join the army. As a member of the Korean people, I will do my job well. ”

St Van said, “I think I should go if my country calls,” and Lou said, “I think I made this album with a life before the Army Service.”

Lastly, the members said, “It is an album of VAV that cannot be escaped by being addicted to the other party. We will be releasing various contents starting from music broadcasting tomorrow so please look forward to it. ”

Meanwhile, VAV’s new album, Poison, consists of five tracks, including title tracks of the same name, 119, Runway, Sweet Heart, and Poison (inst.). Released at 6 pm on this day.

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