IU Apology, netizens support “It takes time to pull herself up after letting Sulli go”

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Singer IU (Lee, Ji-Eun, 26) apologized for having to postpone comeback, netizens cheered her up saying they support and respect the decision of IU.

IU has announced that deferring the sale of the 5th mini album ‘Love Poem’ which was scheduled to release on November 1st through official fan café.

IU confessed her heart, “There’s only 2 more weeks ahead. I have talked with the staff about the schedule and a lot of issues about the concert message, set lists, etc.. To be honest, it seems for me to need little time to gather myself up”

IU apologized “I am so sorry for UAENA(IU fan club) who wait for the concert for a long time. The decision was made because my capability is insufficient as a producer and singer. I will promise you as much as I will never make you wait too long and prepare a gorgeous performance.

IU has recently undergone a tough time. It would have been harder than anyone with sad news that her best friend Sully had passed away last week. IU has delayed the release of the preliminary content of the new album.

The netizens posted cheering message for IU’s honest message “time required, of course”, “you’ve chosen well”, “the burden must have been great. “that’s why we love you”. “be happy, Jieun”.

Instead of postponing her returning, IU is going to pre-release the last track of her new album ‘Love Poem’ on November 1st. IU has introduced the song “Love Poem is like the theme of this album and I want to sing that song for you at the concert/”

IU is going to meet fans by holding concerts in November in Incheon, Busan and Seoul starting from in Guangjoo, and plans to continue the overseas tour including Taiwan, Singapore and Manila.

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