Brand New Music BDC unveils group concept photos

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The brand new concept photo of new music idol unit BDC has been released.

BDC, which showed the three-colored charms by revealing the individual concept photos of members Kim Si-hoon, Hong Sung-jun, and Yoon Jung-hwan, showed their attention by releasing a total of three collective concept photos through the official SNS channel on the 22nd.

In the released pictures, there was a the boy-like image of the three members standing in the autumn field, followed by the calm and dandy studio cut, and ending with the refined image of the members gathered in a mysterious flower bed. Between overcoming the difficult starting process, starting activities, and suggesting the BDC’s journey to walk along the flower road, the group keeps raising expectations for their upcoming album.

BDC’s special single album, “ BOYS DA CAPO ”, which is building a clear identity with group concept pictures and is receiving high expectations from fans, starts pre-ordering today (22nd). It will be released at 6 pm.

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