First still cut of Yoon Gye-sang and Ha Ji-won’s ‘chocolate’

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Yoon Gye-sang and Ha Ji-won visit viewers with sweet and cozy human melodrama ‘Chocolate’.

JTBC’s New Friday/Saturday Drama “Chocolate” (Director Lee Hyung-min, screenwriter Lee Kyung-hee, Produced by Drama House & JYP Pictures) released the first photos of Yoon Gye-sang and Ha Ji-won, who will present the magic of ‘Healing’ as sweet as chocolate.

‘Chocolate’ depicts a human melodrama between a cold brain neurosurgeon Lee Kang (Yun Gye-sang) and warm-hearted chef Moon Cha-young (Ha Ji-won), who heals each other’s wounds through cooking after reunion at the hospice ward

The reunion of Lee Hyung-min and Lee Kyung-hee, who raised the syndrome with “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” in 2004, is heating up the expectations of the drama fans. Lee Hyung-min has carved deep afterglow into viewers’ hearts with delicate directing ability that melted warm emotions through ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’, ‘Chronicle of Ms. Temper’, ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’.

Lee Kyung-hee was also loved by the public for her in-depth insight into each works, such as “Uncontrollably Fond”, “The Innocent Man,” and “I Am Sorry, I Love You.” Lee Hyung-min and Lee Kyung-hee, who have worked together in 15 years, and the non-replaceable lineup of Yoon Gye-sang and Ha Ji-won adds to the expectation of the creation of differentiated human melodrama.

Yoon Gye-sang and Ha Ji-won’s unique aura in the publicly released photographs immerses the emotions at once, stimulating anticipation. Deep eyes, contrasted with a cold face that cannot read emotions, raises the curiosity for the character Lee Kang, who Yun Gye-sang draws. Ha Ji-won’s appearance of radiating fresh energy is ‘Moon Cha-young’ herself. Two people walking side by side on a quiet path in Greece. Two people walking side by side on a quiet path in Greece, and the eyes of the two, who express deep emotions in detail, amplify the expectation of the “healing” romance that will touch viewers’ heart.

Yoon Gye-sang plays ‘Lee Kang’, a neurosurgery surgeon who hides warmness inside. He is a perfect guy with a good look and sexy brain, but he is living a fierce reality than anyone else while realizing a dangerous fate. Yoon Gye-sang, who returned to the drama in three years, said, “I wanted to try the human melodies of the deep emotion. The most important reason for choosing ‘Chocolate’ is to be able to work with director Lee Hyung-min, writer Lee Kyung-hee and actress Ha Ji-won.

Ha Ji-won also chose Chocolate as her return in two years. Moon Cha-young, played by Ha Ji-won, is a talented chef from the Italian world cooking competition, and she is a smiling angel with infinite positive energy. Ha Ji-won said, “The main reason for choosing ‘Chocolate’ is the script. The sincere story was a warm healing feeling. I wanted to work with director Lee Hyung-min and artist Lee Kyung-hee, and I am happy to be able to work together through this work. ”

The meeting between Yoon Gye-sang who has established himself as an actor who is trustworthy enough in all areas and Ha Ji-won who has been loved by the public, is the biggest reason for looking forward to ‘Chocolate’. Synergy of the two actors, which will be melted on the story in delicate and warm eyes, is expected to hit viewers’ emotions this winter.

JTBC’s new Friday/Saturday drama “Chocolate” will be aired on November 29th following “My Country.”

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