Group Seventeen Unveils Impressive Photo Album

[Everyday Economic Star Today Jae-Eun Lee Intern Reporter]

Seventeen’s noisy and fun party scene was released.

Photographs and interviews featuring various members of Seventeen (Joshua, Hoshi, Mingyu, THE8, Vernon, Seung-gwan, Dino) were released in the November issue of Elle magazine. Based on the concept of “Youth’s messy party,” Seventeen showed their own energetic energy.

Seventeen showed a high concentration and cohesion enough to complete the A cut in just a few shots.

The interviews that were held on the day revealed the members’ sincere thoughts as more mature people.

Seventeen said, “I have come to think about how our words affect people who like and support us.

Concerned about the weight of their words. “I want to have a better effect on people.” The photos and interviews also showed the bonds between the members.

Photographs, interviews, and various digital films featuring Seventeen’s unique charm will be released sequentially on the Elle official website and YouTube. The November issue of Elle was published on 20th.

Photo: Elle

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