Recent photo of Song Joongki ‘bright figure though after divorce’

[MK Business Star Today Lee Jae-Eun]

The recent state of actor Song Joongki was released.

On the 22nd, a coffee truck company posted on instagram with several photos in field “film Victory” “Supporting actor Song Joongki” “Stand up for your final performance!” “Enough coffee and beverage for actors and staff”.

It is said that “Dear actor Song Joongki, who always welcomes us constantly~. The atmosphere of the set was so great that we also enjoyed it.”

The coffee truck banner in the released photo says, “We support actor Song Joongki, the actors and actresses of the movie Victory, and the staff.” The coffee truck is filled with pictures of Song Joongki’s perfect figures.

Earlier in August, British actor Richard Armitage made headlines with posting a photo with Song Joongki, who was filming the movie ‘Victory’ together.

Richard Armitage posted a picture with the words “Song Joongki introduced me to cold noodles. Now that cold noodles have become my favorite food.” Song Joongki in the photo wearing a green hand and looking at menu still shows brilliant visuals.

The movie ‘Victory’ is Korea’s first science fiction film that revolved around the spaceship with the same title to go on an endless space journey. Song Joongki played the role of a pilot.

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