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Group Winner took off their coolness and began to transform their image.

On August 23rd at 2 pm, Cheongdam CGV held a concert to commemorate the release of Winner’s third mini-album “CROSS”. This album is the title song of the mini-album ‘WE’ released in May, ‘AH YEAH’.

On this day, Kang Seung-yun said, “Since four members have different personalities, they express the meaning that they are united as one winner and expand the area in their different directions.” I really wanted to change the image.

So I came back with a lot of heavy tones. ”

The members decided to change, “We tried to pursue a change in our own way, but we felt that it was not well communicated to the public. It was a feeling that the reputation and musical colors that we felt stayed on. So this time we decided to make a difference and came out. ”

WINNER’s fall comeback is the first time, Song Min-ho said, “When you think of WINNER, many people think of summer. We didn’t go that way from the start. We were originally in the fall. ” He added, “I wish I could be comforted a bit by a lonely song like an autumn song.

The title song “SOSO” is a song that represents the authenticity and growth of WINNER. After the breakup, he expressed his pretense differently from the inside, which was driven by pain and disappointment.

Lee Seung-hoon, who played the scene in the music video, said, “he seems to have a brilliant job as a celebrity, but he visually captures a lonely and wounded candid figure inside.” “I wanted to take a picture of myself because I wanted to be honest.”

Kang Seung-yun told about the recent controversial YG controversy. He said, “I had a hard time seeing the article and seeing people’s reactions. Nevertheless, there were opportunities to meet fans, such as festivals and college events, so that I could be healed. I thought of releasing a new album soon and showing my fans another look. ”

In particular, this is the first album without the help of WINNER’s former YG Entertainment representative producer YANG HYUN SUK

Wasn’t it hard to do it without Yang’s help? Kang Seung-yoon said, “It was true that we had a hard time because there was no way to get feedback or help. It was only the album we had to do. There were many situations in which we judge on our own, but that’s why we could highlight the message we wanted to. ”

Lastly, WINNER said, “I promised my fans two comebacks this year, and I am happy to keep that promise. I’m one of the members who checks the ranks a lot, but this time I won’t check.

Our goal is to make a difference from the existing image. The result is satisfactory, so if fans like it, they can be satisfied and active. We will focus on concerts and show us how we transformed. ”

Meanwhile, Winner’s new album ‘Cross’ includes the title song ‘SOSO’, including ‘OMG’ ‘DRESS UP’ ‘FLAMENCO’ ‘WIND’ ‘DON’T BE SHY’ Six songs were recorded. Released at 6 pm on this day.

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