Movie ‘Persona 2’ official saying “ Unsure whether they will release Sulli’s filming or not.

[Reporter Han Hyun-jeong, Daily Economic Star]

The producer of the movie “Persona 2” declared publicity on the position on the Sulli’s posthumous works.

Mystic Story of “Persona 2” said that on the 23rd as “Sulli Persona Season 2, of five films were in progress. At this time, nothing has been decided on whether this project will be open or not. ”

On the same day, a media reported that Jean-Sulli had been shooting Persona 2 as the last film before her death, and only one of five short films had been released.

It added that this work is likely to remain undisclosed.

Sulli left the world suddenly on the 14th and shocked the entertainment world.

<Here is the full text of the production company>

Hello, we will deliver the persona related content.

Sulli is the protagonist of Persona Season 2 and two of her five films were in progress. At this time, nothing is disclosed regarding the project.

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