BTS series ②


This is a Korean pajamas store! BTS pajamas are available here.

It is a product that collaboration with EBLIN (underwear brand) 

 It ’s lined up by specific members in this store that way it is easy to choose and easy to see.

I think you can see what it looks like before buying it because the staff is wearing it.

It suits various people because the size ranges from S to XL.

There is some staff who can speak a little English, so you can rest assured!

I think you can enjoy shopping.

[Postscript] BT21 pajamas are sold cheaply on the street.

But most are fake.

If you want the real thing, please go to this shop or LINE shop.

(Store name) EBLIN Myeong-dong Shop

(location) 50−17 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga Jung-gu, Seoul

(Nearest station) 02-318-1801

(business hours)10:30~22:30  Open all year round

(home page)

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