Henry of ‘Begin Again 3’ impressed the city of violin [M + TV Cut]

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The family band plays the last busking at Cremona called city of violins.

JTBC’s Begin Again 3, which airs on the 25th of the afternoon, will reveal the final journey of the 10-day family band busking trip in Italy.

In this broadcast, the members finally head to the city of Cremona. Cremona is the city of violins where famous violin makers Stradivari and Amati were born. It is a place where traditional crafting techniques of world famous masters have been passed on for hundreds of years.

In the recent recording of Begin Again 3, Henry turned to Cremona and said, “It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit since I was young.”

The family band arrived at Cremona and headed to the Violin Museum. Henry couldn’t take his eyes off the oldest violins ever made by violin masters. “I want to play the violin made by Stradivari” all the time.

A short time later busking began, and Henry captivated the audience with solo violins of all time. Henry said, “This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to play in life.” He improvised Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” in his own style. After his classical performances, the members couldn’t stop admiring, “It’s Henry,” ”Henry looks different when playing”.

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