Park Hyun-yong PD of ‘New Journey to the West 7’, “Concept and character makeup will change every season” [Q & A]

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With tvN ‘New Journey to the West 7’ (director Na Young-seok, Park Hyun-yong) one day ahead of its first broadcast, Park Hyun-yong PD, the main director, tells various stories about the program and adds expectations for the first broadcast. He answered about the games that represent ‘New Journey to the West 7’, the chemistry of the members, the differentiation of previous season and domestic shooting locations.

1. Where did ‘New Journey to the West 7’ shooting took place in Korea and what criteria did you choose a place?

PD Park Hyun Yong) So far, we have been shooting in Gyeryongsan and Sokcho. I would like to select a shooting location according to each shooting concept. For example, the ascetic features that will be featured this season will be presented with concepts such as “The Most Spiritual Gyeryongsan,” and the Retro feature, “Sokcho, the place we loved then.”

2. What is the most differentiated point this season?

PD Park Hyun Yong) The biggest differentiation point is that the concept and the character makeup of the members change with each shot.

3. When we talk about ‘New Journey to the West 7’ we can’t miss the game, but are there any new games coming this season?

PD Park Hyun Yong) The first games such as’ Imitative Words Quiz ‘and’ Signal Quiz ‘, as well as upgraded games from previous games also ready. A small spoiler will come in a new form, the “Gift Game,” the birthplace of the ‘New Journey to the West 7’ ‘Gang’s Restaurant’ and “Guys went to Iceland”. We look forward to providing you with the fun of ‘New Journey to the West’ that you don’t know where to pop up every season.

4. Various chemistry combinations between members such as Kang Ho-dong&Lee Soo-geun, Eun Ji-won&Lee Soo-geun, and Pio&Song Min-ho have been the topics of discussion. Are there any new chemistry combinations to watch this season?

PD Park Hyun Yong) As Kyuhyun came back, new combination was added. In the first shoot, Kyu Hyun showed Chemie of make-up couple in the primary colors with big brother Kang Ho-dong. Also, as a leader of YB, he led Minho and Pio well, and when playing games, the so-called ‘older crazy’ was a passionate immersion in all games with a combination of support and gambling. Please look forward to Kyuhyun’s achievements.

5. As first main director with ‘New Journey to the West 7’, any words for bracking yourself?

PD Park Hyun Yong) I have worked with Na Young-seok and Shin Hyo-jung, who are leading Shin Shin Yu-gi, for four years. Thanks to the consideration of the two seniors, I was thankful for the first production. Of course, I still lack a lot, so I get a lot of advice and help from my seniors. We will do our best to show the appearance of ‘New Journey to the West 7’ that develops every season by adding new colors while retaining the sensitivity of the former ‘New Journey to the West’.

‘New Journey to the West 7’, which is a big topic with only the trailer and still pictures released before the first broadcast of the crew, will air at 9:10 on September 25.

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