‘Single Life’ Han Hye-yeon, stylish goint-out [M + TV cut]

[MBN Culture Ahn Hana]

Han Hye-yeon explodes the coolness with a professional stylist.

Han Hye-yeon, who appeared in Paris, goes out on a colorful appearance at MBC ‘Single Life’, which will be broadcast this afternoon.

Han Hye-yeon prepares clothes to go to the Fashion Week in Paris, France, and shows off her specialty as a stylist. It will capture viewers with her professional charm, which is devoted to choosing clothes suitable for TPO among piles of clothes.

In particular, she was surprised by preparing 15 pairs of shoes including high heels as she prepared for a business trip, explaining why this is the case, burst into tough talk and make viewers laugh.

It amplifies the curiosity of what happened when she had no choice but to pack her high-heeled shoes.

Han Hye-yeon shows off her passionate career as a career woman, showing her crazy presence among various celebrities with her proud steps and outstanding fashion.

Meanwhile, Han Hye-yeon who has been on an empty stomach for more than four hours, starts her dinner at the café as soon as she finishes the show.

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