Park NaRae, starring Yubin’s MV, JYP casted in person

[Maeil Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

Yubin thanked Park Jin-young, JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP), who established this special collaboration.

Yubin, who uncased a new album ‘Start of the End’ on the 30th, is raising expectations for comeback with various teasers.

At noon on the 25th, she released a single black-and-white photo featuring the vintage charms of two main heroines, Yubin and Park Narae, from the music video of the title song ‘Silent Movie (feat. Yoon Mirae)

Yubin’s new song is attracting interest early because Yoon Mirae and Park Narae are known for their support.

In particular, Park Jin-young, the head of JYP, came up with the idea of ​​appearing Park Narae in the music video, and it turned out that he added significant weight to casting.

Yubin expressed her appreciation, “Park Jin-young PD cares so much. Thank you very much.”

“This is the first time an actor has appeared in my music video, but it surprised me alot that she was able to appear.” She expressed her endless affection, saying “Narae is a special actress, she’s just like Charlie Chaplin in this era. You can see her in a different way in the music video.”

Park Narae said, “The song and the concept are really good. I feel like taking advantage of her song, but the song is the best.”

Yubin wrote and composed the ‘silent movie’ featuring the hip-hop icon, Yoon Mi-rae, who featured in the music industry, and Park Narae, the most popular performing art, appeared in the music video.

Yubin’s third solo album ‘Start of the End’ and the title song ‘Silent Movie (feat. Yun Mirae)’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 30th.

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