Ryu Jun-yul receives Rising Star Award at London Asian Film Festival

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Actor Ryu Jun-yeol won the Rising Star award at the London Asian Film Festival.

Ryu Jun-yeol attends the opening ceremony of the London East Asia Film Festival 2019 at Odeon Leicester Square on the 24th (local time) and won the Rising Star Award for the film ‘Money’(Directed by Pak Nuri).

Ryu Jun-yeol said, “I visited Odeon Theater premiere here frequently as I traveled to London, and every time I thought I would like to be with the Award. I thank the audience who came to see Asian movies from afar, and now I want to enjoy all the movies as the festival starts. ”

Ryu Jun-yeol showed successive great performance on the screen, starting with this year’s film ‘Hit-and-Run Squad’(director Han Jun-hee), ‘Money’ and recently ‘The Battle : Roar to Victory’(director Won Shin-yeon).

Ryu Jun-yeol has already proved his performance in the first half of 2019 with winning the Rising Star Award at 2019 New York Asian Film Festival in July. He continued to win awards at London Asian Film Festival and announced Korean films to the world.

London Asian Film Festival was launched in 2016 and celebrates its fourth anniversary this year. It is attracting attention as an Asian film festival representing Europe, showing various works from Asian short films to masterpieces.

Ryu Jun-yeol will later attend the movie “Money” stage greeting and interview with the audience.

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