‘The Present’ by Shin Hagyun X Kim Junmyeon to Youth

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They all got together because they were huge fans of director Huh Jin-ho. It is ‘The Present’ of Shin Hagyun Kim Junmyeon.

The special film screening of “The Present” at the Lotte Cinema Konkuk University entrance in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, was attended by director Huh Jin-ho and actor Shin Hagyun, Kim Junmyeon (EXO’s Suho) Kim Seulgi and Yoo Subin on the 28th.

Huh Jin-ho said, “When I heard a program to help young people start up, I was looking for some examples in starting a business. I wanted to make a film with this after I found that a thermal imaging camera was a very helpful invention at the scene of fire.”

“And what about the time slip? I also wanted to try a comedy genre” he explained.

Shin Hagyun said, “It is a work of good purpose and the scenario was also fun.” “It has been 20 years since I got acquainted with director Huh Jin-ho. It was the first time that I was able to do a movie with director Huh.” “I took so much fun with my juniors. I want to meet again in another work,” he said.

Kim Jun-myeon said, “There were moments when I felt sad watching the movie. I thanked my seniors, especially I felt that director Huh did really great job.”

“It is a film that contains a story about young people. I was attracted to a story that has good influence on youth.” I have respected Huh Jin-ho since I was a kid. My parents said “He is one of their favorite director. Congratulate me on working with him. “

Kim Jun-myeon added, “I’ve recently watched ‘One Fine Spring Day’ once again,” quoting the famous line “Would you like to have ramen?”

‘The Present’ is a delightful comedy that tells a suspicious man Sang-gu from the past appears in front of youths who gathered to realize brilliant ideas.

Shin Hagyun and representing youths, Kim Jun-myeon, Kim Seulgi and Yu Subin gather to show chemistry in acting. Shin Hagyun plays his unique comic acting as a suspicious male Sang-gu from the past.

Kim Jun-myeon plays Hanul who has full of passion, presents perfect chemistry with Shin Hagyun. Kim Seulgi played the role of Bora, who is a strong prop for team. Yoo Subin is a current firefighter Youngbok who first proposed the localization of fire-fighting thermal imaging cameras.

‘The Present’ provided by Samsung Electronics will be screened on YouTube portal online, IPTV (Olleh TV, BTV, U + TV) and digital cable broadcasting (CJ HelloVision, Hyundai HCN, T-Broad, D’LIVE) on 28th.

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