Woojin Withdraws from Stray Kids. Netizen “Thank you, Woojin … And please continue to support Eight-member Stray Kids

[Everyday Economic Star Today Jae-Eun Lee Intern Reporter]

When the group Stray Kids member Woojin’s withdrawal was announced, netizens cheered for the future of Woojin and the eight-member Stray Kids.

On July 28, JYP Entertainment added, “Stray Kids member Woojin leaves the team and terminates the contract because of personal reasons.” “We are sorry for the trouble for many fans.”

JYP said, “We would like to ask fans to cheer on Woojin for a new path and to all of the eight Stray Kids members who will carry their compasses and make their way back to their dreams.”

The news of Woojin’s sudden withdrawal from the team was sudden, but fans responded to Woojin with a hashtag “Thank You Woojin” on Twitter.

The netizens cheered Woojin, saying, “I really miss you,” “I will never forget your singing.” “In my heart, the Stray Kids will be forever.”

In addition, support for the Stray Kids (Bang Chan, Lee Know, Chang Bin, Hyun Jin, Han, Felix, Seung Min, and I.N), which will be reorganized into eight members, was added. The netizens are “Let’s overcome the eight Stray Kids and make a new leap”, “I will love you forever,” “All members are precious. Stay will always support you by your side. ”

Meanwhile, the release of the Stray Kids mini-album ‘Cle: LEVANTER’, which was scheduled to be released on November 25 following the withdrawal of Woojin, will be delayed to December 9.

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